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Brown Pundits

Sep 13, 2023

Amey returns to the Browncast to do a "bro caste" on genetics in Sri Lanka, casteism in America and India and the new legislation in California, talk about his immigration odyssey and how it's stacked against Indians, and finally, how William Dalrymple gives Marathas short shrift.

Jul 19, 2023

BPers Razib Khan and Mukunda Raghavan chat with Pushpita Prasad and Sudha Jagannathan of the Coalition of the Hindus of North America discuss the newfound relevance of caste in the USA, and how a toxic brew up self-interest, identity politics and social justice have caught Indian Americans in a vortex of...

Jun 4, 2023

Arun speaks to Maneesh on the history and evolution of Malayalam Cinema.