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Brown Pundits

Sep 30, 2022

In this episode of the history podcast, Omar and Jay discuss the period of Delhi Sultanate with Jay and Gaurav. We go over all the major dynasties and also discuss the religious, economic aspects of this time. 

As Omar Ali puts it, the legacy of Delhi Sultanate is the legacy of Islam in the subcontinent. 

Sep 9, 2022

13th Episode of the History Podcast.  Shrikanth, Mukunda and Gaurav speak to Maneesh on all things South India from 1100-1400 AD. 


Sep 4, 2022

Maneesh talks to Sai and Arun on all things Tamil Cinema- its history, its unique relationship with the political milieu of Tamil Nadu, its evolution over the years and the cults of personalities that it has spawned.